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UJS Language Institute / UJS Academy

UJS Language Institute / UJS Academy
No. of Students: approx. 300 students
No. of Classes: 25
Class Size: 2 to 20 students per class ( UJS Academy max. 10 )
No. of Levels: 10 levels
Major Nationalities represented: China, Korea, HongKong, Taiwan, Singapore, Nepal, Russia, Australia, USA, Brasil, Arsentine, Chille, England, France, Spain, Italy, Kuwait, Germany, Iran
Age Limits: 12 years old or up ( 18 yrs old or up for student visa )
Start Dates: UJS Language Institute
Beginner T(April, July, October, January) Other levels : start at anytimes
UJS Academy
start at anytimes
Minimum Enrollment: UJS Language Institute
Long term course (between 1 and 2 years)
Short term course (weekly, monthly and quarterly)
UJS Academy
From 1 day (especially for travelers) / 5 days for group lessons
Accomodation: School domitory, weekly rental apartment, homestay e.t.c.
School Details:

☆Located in an international town, Roppongi, center in Tokyo
☆Convinient to use three subway lines
☆20 minutes walk to Tokyo tower
☆Embasses and offices district
☆Movies, Karaoke, international restaurants and shops

UJS Language Institute
・Courses provided according to one's ability and goal
・Enjoyable and cheerful class with experienced instructors
・Special lessons for EJU and JLPT available
・Supports for applicants to higher education
・Social studies, math, physics, chemistry and biology classes available
for students applying to higher education with no extra fee
・Extracurricular activities to experience Japanese culture
・Trial lesson available

UJS Academy
・Conversation centered approach
・Group lessons especially for introductory and beginner level
・Private / Intensive for all levels. Based on your need.
・Business manner and conversation class (intermediate or upper)
・Summer / Winter / Travelers special lessons available
・Enthusiastic and passionate instructors
・Wide variety of nationalities, occupations and all age groups

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