To All Homestay Applicants
What kind of experience is a Homestay in Japan?
Homestay Details and Conditions

As a member of a Japanese family, you can be sure your language skills improve, and you will also learn about the different culture, customs, and lifestyle in Japan. Your "home away from home" in Japan will certainly be a memory you will treasure your whole life!

1. Homestay Details and Conditions:
(1) A private room will be arranged for you.
(2) A single room with a desk will be available for your own use. Washroom facilities including the bath and/or shower are shared with your host family.
(3) Each room includes a bed or futon.
(4) 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) are provided 7 days a week.
ホームステイ イン ジャパンのサポートとは?(5) You will be responsible for paying for any personal phone charges, cleaning bills, purchases of everyday items and goods, and any expenses other than what is included in the homestay (please read the Terms and Conditions).
(6) Your host family will prepare breakfast and dinner and pay for electricity and water charges. Those costs and expenses are included in the homestay fees below.
(7) Your homestay location will be located (on principle) within one hour of your school by public transportation (via the reasonably quickest route).
(8) You will be expected to respect and comply with the house rules of your host family.

2. Homestay Fees:

Arrangement fee JPY 5,400
Homestay fee JPY 3,348 / Per night

Please wire deposit the arrangement fee and the total length of Homestay fees.(1month before start date) An invoice will be sent to you by Nextage Homestay in Japan after we receive the Homestay Application Form and the Homestay Agreement Form.

1) Payment cannot be made by money order or credit card.
2) The Guest shall be responsible for all bank transfer handling fees (including the receiving fee at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in Japan in the case of overseas remittance) at the time of payment.

3. Homestay Cancellation Policy and Reservation Change Fees:
Cancellation Policy
Homestay arrangement fees will not be returned in the event of cancels for any reason after receiving the information of host family. Guest shall pay any of the following cancellation charges in accordance with the time of the cancellation as set forth in the below table.
For cancels made after the start date of homestay has been changed to a different date, the cancellation will be based on the original start date indicated on the original application.

Cancellation Fee
Cancellation made between 30 to 15 days before the start date 20% of total amount of homestay fee for the entire period of homestay
Cancellation made between 14 to 8 days before the start date 30% of total amount of homestay fee for the entire period of homestay
Cancellation made between 7 to 3 days before the start date 40% of total amount of homestay fee for the entire period of homestay
Cancellation made between 2 to 1 days before the start date 50% of total amount of homestay fee for the entire period of homestay
Cancellation on the first day of the start date 100% of total amount of homestay fee for the entire period of homestay
Changing the homestay start date after applying for the program
If changing the homestay start date requires the arrangement of a new homestay family, and if such change is made after the details of the original family have already been sent, an additional homestay arrangement fee of JPY 5,250 is required.
Steps to Applying for a Homestay
How to Apply
Applying for a homestay for the Summer Course
1. Download the Homestay Agreement, carefully read and understand it.
2. Download and fill out the Homestay Application Form with the necessary information and email it to the address below.
3. You will receive an invoice from Nextage.
4. Please wire deposit 1 month's homestay fees (1 month before start date)
5. We will select your Homestay Family (at the latest, 1 week before the start date)
> After we confirm your deposit, we will send you the detailed Host Family Information.
6. You will receive your Homestay Orientiation materials (1 week before the start date)
7. We will work out with you over email the details of where and what time to meet on the day of your arrival.
8. You meet your Host Family (the first day)

Where to send the Application Form
Nextage Homestay in Japan

Application Form and Homestay Agreement forms
Application Form Homestay Agreement Form
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