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Japanese Language School

Just as the name suggests, Japanese language school is the place to go if you want to study Japanese full time. Unlike most universities or vocational schools, you can start from a complete beginner level, and generally study however long you would like. Many students go on to study at other schools after Japanese language school.
Many schools also teach the unspoken "rules" and customs of Japan, giving you a deeper understanding of the country and people. The best thing about Japanese language school is, you can make friends from around the world, something that is usually not possible with just a homestay.

School List

ISI Japanese Language School Genkijacks
East West Japanese Language Institute ARC Academy Japanese Language School
Arai Academy Akamonkai Japanese Language School Ichikawa Japanese Language Institute
Yono-Gakuin Japanese Language School Sendai International Japanese Language School
Airline, International and Resort College, Japanese Language Department EHLE Institute Japanese Language School
Kansai College of Business and Languages, Department of Japanese Studies Oka Institute Osaka International School of Culture and Language
ARC Academy Japanese Language School Osaka Futaba College of Foreign Languages
College of Business and Communication (CBC) Intercultural Institute of Japan
Shin-Osaka Preparatory School Japanese Language Course Academy of Language Arts
KEN SCHOOL OF JAPANESE LANGUAGE Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute
UJS Language Institute / UJS Academy Aoyama International Education Institute
Kichijoji Language School Sakura Language School
Sendagaya Japanese School Midream School of Japanese Language
Toyo Language School Aoyama School of Japanese
Sendai Language School Japanese Course  
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